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Helen Dauvray

Broadway producer and actress who engaged in a tumultuous romance with NY Giants shortstop John Montgomery Ward (the original Stage-door Johnny) .  As a child star, Helen played banjo for forty-niners in dusty gold towns.  She invested her earnings in mining stocks and struck it rich in the Comstock lode.  She used her winnings to buy acting lessons and transform herself into Helen Dauvray, darling of the Paris stage.  A born promoter, she created a trophy for the World Series, and named it after herself.   





The Flame and the Fury

The true story of two freedom fighters of the Hundred Years War, who, on battlefield and battlements  commanded the loyalty of knights and men-at-arms, as if they were men. 




Olivier de Clisson IV

Is he the clue to the lost Templars' treasure?





The Professionalism of College Sports





Baseball Mini-Biographies








Thomas Doolittle

Unsung hero of the first communications revolution.