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O'Rourke Children





 Sarah Jane "Sadie"

 May 10, 1873

 Thomas W. Grant (1872-1944)

May 16, 1941

Union, NJ

 Anna  Aug. 30, 1874  

Sep 15, 1883

Age 9

 Agnes  Feb. 5, 1879  John J. Kaesman

Jan. 28, 1968

 James Stephen, Jr.  Dec. 26, 1880

 Emma H. on 3/11/1910
 Divorced, 1916.  

Dec. 22, 1955

Sparrows Point, MD

 Ida  May 17, 1883

 Frank Hilt on 9/10/1909.

 Hilt was a member of the Orators.

 "A nice clean cut chap” per Bridgeport 

 Herald.  Ida divorced Hilt and married 

 Roland Deane.

 Lillian  Aug. 27, 1885  Edward B. Brotherton  
 Irene  Dec. 8, 1886  Wilhelm A. Wintter

(7/23/1886 - 9/14/1955)

Sept. 8, 1963 


 Nov. 5, 1889

 Raymond Hanke


The O'Rourke Women on Vacation in Texas. 
This photo may have been taken in Austin, while Jim was attending the annual meeting of the National Assocation (the league of minor leagues) in November of 1912.

[Left to right] Daughters Irene, Sadie, Lillian, Edith, and Ida.  The matronly woman is probably Sarah, Jim O'Rourke's sister (his wife, Annie, died in 1910 from a fall). Far right is daughter Agnes.