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O'Rourke Baseball Records

Unless indicated, source is The Baseball Encyclopedia, Macmillan, 1969.


1874    Led majors in home runs, with 5 (Tot@lsports).      


1875    Led majors in home runs, with 6.


1877    Led majors with 68 runs scored.

             Led majors in Walks, with 20.

             Led majors in On-Base Percentage.

             Led pennant-winning Boston team in hitting, with .362 average.


1879    Led majors in On-Base Percentage, with a .407 average.


1880    Led majors in home runs with 6.          


1884    Led National League in batting, with a .350 average.

             Led National League in hits, with 162.

             First to post status of all league games on scoreboard.


1885    Led National League in triples, with 16.


1888    Led major league left fielders with a .960 fielding average.


1890    Led Player’s League left fielders with a .950 fielding average (Player’s League Guide, 1890, p. 26.)



4th highest full-schedule seasons played, with 9. (Cal Ripken had 15, Lou Gehrig 13, and Pete Rose 10.) Source: SABR Bulletin, March 1999, p. 9.


Baseball Records of Orator O'Rourke